The Second Mountain

“Inspiration to climb the right mountain: Written by David Brooks, this is a thoughtful look into qualities of a moral life.  He offers endless quotes from a variety of writers.  This book is a deep look at what will give you meaning.  It is inspirational and tangible. Almost immediately you are hit with the thoughtfulness […]

Just Breathe “Are you breathing right? “ This book is a presentation of several breathing philosophies and techniques.  The author directs us to consider our breath and how we are using it. Then, he shows us several breathing techniques that masters use.  This book is an invitation to try different ways to breath. I think the […]

Mating in Captivity Is that what my spouse thinks about sex?” This is a book about sexual desire.  Esther Perel is a speaker, author and sex therapist, and she pulled from her years of experience counseling couples to write this book.  She details the path of intimacy and desire for couples.   Perel has excellent insights into couples […]

Hold me Tight

“Love explained!” This is a foundational marriage book.  It was published in 2008 but I think it still holds up.  In the first three chapters, the author describes love and the attachment bond.  There is research that says feeling loved helps the immune system. Conversely, there is physical, mental and emotional impact when we threaten […]


“A practice for such a time as this!” This book is an easy to read introduction to Dr. Siegel’s trademark practice called, The Wheel of Awareness.  The Wheel of Awareness is a mindfulness activity with profound affects on your life. In this book, Dr. Siegel offers a helpful explanation of the science behind this mediation. […]

Emotional Agility

Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change and Thrive in Work and LifeAuthor: Susan David“This book is a clear guide to stopping the “hook” that leads to bad thinking” After reading this book, I have tried to pay more attention to what hooks my thoughts, that influences my day. I am realizing that it is much easier […]


Recently we announced our new partnership with Byron Community Ministries (BCM).  This is an exciting step for us as we build a reputation in the communities we serve.  BCM is an ideal partner because we both value compassion and hospitality.  BCM has served Byron Center by connecting those in need with practical support.  ACG is […]

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy?

What happens to love?  When we are dating, when relationships are young, there is so much energy and excitement.  Then something happens.  I heard it once described that men have an allergic reaction to metal on their finger!  A change occurs in the relationship and instead of that fun exciting love, there is this dullness […]