Emotional Agility


Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change and Thrive in Work and Life
Author: Susan David
“This book is a clear guide to stopping the “hook” that leads to bad thinking”

After reading this book, I have tried to pay more attention to what hooks my thoughts, that influences my day. I am realizing that it is much easier to unhook a thought and process it then it is to apologize for bursting emotions that come from a built up of helpful thoughts and emotions.  When there are less thoughts and emotions built up, it is easier to handle a day, or endure change and be more flexible.  

The author starts with biology and how our brains are designed to be programmed.  There are things we instinctively ignore while other things grab our attention and increase anxiety.  On this understanding she applies emotional and relationship wisdom to describe a practice we can adopt.  It is fascinating to see how our brains work and she describes relatable real life situations. The book is very practical.  It is challenging without being out of reach