Behind the Chaos

Vance OsterhoutBy Chad Boehm, LMSWADHD, Autism, oppositional defiant disorder, depression and anxiety are some of the most common diagnosable childhood disorders. However, knowing what your child or teen is experiencing may be difficult to decipher as symptoms of these may overlap. Kids, teenagers, parents, guardians and primary care takers are often left with more questions […]

Jedi, Birds, and Hope

As a young boy growing up in the 80s, one of my favorite things to do was to sit down with my Dad, pop in the old VHS recording of Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope and sit and watch Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance valiantly wage their battle against The Dark Side.I […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

In today’s post I thought it might be helpful to take a moment and focus on the attitude of gratitude in our lives.  The daily grind, our thoughts, and our experiences can often be overwhelming. We’re constantly bombarded with commitments, desires, and distractions.  We’re constantly thinking about how we can get ahead in life or […]


Recently we announced our new partnership with Byron Community Ministries (BCM).  This is an exciting step for us as we build a reputation in the communities we serve.  BCM is an ideal partner because we both value compassion and hospitality.  BCM has served Byron Center by connecting those in need with practical support.  ACG is […]

Healing from Sexual Trauma: Hope Working Its Way to the Surface

By Krista LeinbergerIt is fitting that during the first month of spring, we clinicians at Alliance join with others around the world to remember those survivors of sexual assault. We have a desire to engage in the ongoing conversation about how to best support children, women and men who have lived through this type of […]

Surviving Sexual Assault: You Don’t Have to Walk Alone

By Heather Miller-EdwardsonThe National Sexual Violence Resource Center reports, on average in the United States, 500 women are sexually assaulted every day. One in five women and one in 71 men will experience sexual assault throughout their lifetime. Women ages 20-24 hold the highest risk for sexual assault. Sexual assault as the United States Department […]

Your Emotional 401K pt2.

Are you investing in your Emotional 401k? – Healthy Relationships Part 2 This is Part 2 of several posts on Your Emotional 401k – Investing in Healthy Relationships. You can find Part 1 here.  In this post we will discuss what emotional currency is.Emotional currency is the “money” we use when we interact in the relationships we […]

Your Emotional 401K (pt. 1)

This blog was first posted by Nathan Hansen, LPC at and is used here with permission of the author.This is the first of a series of posts on managing and investing your emotional currency so you can have healthy relationships. When you are done reading these posts, I hope you have an idea of […]

Can’t Sleep?

As a therapist, I often hear that bedtime is one of the most anxious experiences of the day.  The distractions are all gone, your day is over, and its time for rest. Yet sleep can remain elusive because you are alone with your thoughts, and usually, they are not the pleasant ones.  Instead of sleep, […]

Make Love Your Language This Valentine’s Day

Every February, our attention to LOVE is hallmarked by Valentine’s Day. Advertisers prey on the tired narrative of inept husbands and boyfriends failing to adequately adorn their partners with reminders of their affection for them. Flowers, chocolates, PajamaGrams, and pre-written greeting cards become romantic currency. And couples everywhere seek to honor their relationships though intentional […]