Girls and Sex

Book Review: GIRLS and SEX: Navigating the complicated new landscape

by Peggy Orenstein

TOPIC: Parenting, Teenagers, Sex/SexualityBy David Burke“This is what your daughter is facing!”The older generation often worries and doesn’t understand the younger generations.  This book is a helpful compilation of young women’s attitudes and reflections about sex.  It’s scary and eye opening.  It’s worth not keeping your head in the sand.As a journalist, the author interviews over 70 young women who are very candid about their sexuality and their experiences with sex.  She writes about Purity Balls, hooking up and a girl’s right to self expression.  Reading about the experiences of these young women helps me appreciate the journey of a young adult female, what attitudes they are facing and how I can parent my own children.  This book challenged me to have several conversations with my own daughters.  And more to come!Purchase the book HERE