Our vision is to be West Michigan’s premier counseling and therapeutic resource for couples, families, children, and individuals.

Our mission is to provide the best quality counseling care to West Michigan couples, families, and individuals by being:

  1. compassionate hosts
  2. evidenced-based practitioners
  3. persistent care-collaborators

We believe there is healing in supportive relationships. As counselors, we offer a space for non judgmental support in order to guide you through the issues at hand. We seek to give insight and wise counsel, backed by clinical research and best practices, moving you towards peace, wholeness and freedom. We are committed to integrity, moral character, and excellence in professional practice. Our values (listed below) not only guide our work with our clients but we also seek to live them out in our own lives daily.


Hospitality – We are intentional to be welcoming hosts to every client as we strive to create a safe environment for healing. We seek to communicate a sincere appreciation and understanding of the beauty and diversity of each person’s experience.

Compassion – We join with our clients by understanding their needs as we help them to see value in their unique experiences and contributions. Through our faith in Jesus Christ and our Christian worldview, we believe we are called to a sincere love and respect for every individual regardless of their ethnic, racial, religious, denominational, economic, family, gender, or sexual background.

Collaboration – Working with clients and their inherent strengths to help them move closer to their goals as we connect with other community resources (e.g. doctors, nurses, pastors, lawyers, school counselors, teachers, etc.) to give holistic and comprehensive care whenever possible.

Quality – Providing clients with the best possible counseling care through unmatched customer service, highly competent therapists, and research-based treatments. Guided by ethical practices with every client, and connecting what we (the therapists) teach with how we (the therapists) live.