Take 12 to Remember the 525,600

In the midst of Christmas parties and New Year celebrations, we hope you are enjoying the holiday season. For some, this time of year is less of a party and more of a time of intense stress. Often, so much time over the holiday is spent running from one commitment to another, and not enough time is spent reflecting on the important people and experiences with whom we share our lives with.To help with this, we would like to invite you into an activity that can help extend the joy of the holidays beyond January 1. Our intent is not to put another obligation on your plate to feel guilty or stressed about. Rather, we simply hope you can enjoy a moment of peace and significance.ACTIVITY: Take 12 minutes this holiday season to go month by month remembering your year. Look at your calendar to remember the good and the bad, how you grew, and what you endured in 2015. This is an activity you can do on your own or share with your whole family. A practice like this has many benefits: 1) it can remind you of accomplishments, 2) help create gratitude, and good memories, 3) it can help you to see life has seasons and change is possible, and 4) the practice of remembering can help create hope and direction for the year to come.Our hope is that in all you remember from 2015, you are blessed and ready for a happy new year in 2016.