Living Well

“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.”– Carl Jung, Modern Man in Search of a SoulWhat does it mean to “live well?”Does living well mean making lots of money, having a big family, being happy, helping others, staying out of trouble with the law, being remembered for generations to come, learning to forgive, or being a good parent?Helping clients to live a satisfying and healthy life is a priority in our approach to therapy. Achieving this requires recognizing the complexities of life and the variety of experiences of each person. We do not assume what works well for one person will work well for another.Life is not “one size fits all.”One of the beautiful things about the human experience is its diversity. No two people are the same. Thus no two people will experience the same problem the same way. Nor will the solutions to these problems necessarily be the same.Our approach to therapy prioritizes collaboration with each client to identify what “living well” means for each of them, and to be creative in finding the right pathway to successfully achieve the meaningful life they desire. Whatever that might look like.